Dr. Dennis Aydan


Dennis graduated from Copenhagen Dental School (Denmark) in 2009. He then gained valuable experience working in a multidisciplinary private practice in Sweden prior coming to the UK.

Since 2011 Dennis has been working in various private practices in and around London and he has established great bonds with the patients and the referring dentist.

Dennis has gained extensive post-graduate knowledge in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and is a long-term provider of biomimetic dentistry (minimally invasive dentistry to preserve tooth structure). Dennis believes that to be successful within implantology and Endodontics it is essential to have a strong restorative background.

Throughout the years Dennis has developed a strong interest in Implant dentistry which led him to complete various extensive courses in the UK, Switzerland and Spain. He ultimately completed his 3 years Masters in Implantology Program (MSc Madrid). Dennis performs all types of complex bone augmentation and sinus lift procedures. He also believes in minimally invasive surgery and applies newer methods such as bone expansion to treat cases with reduced bone volume and thus reduce the amount of surgery.

Dennis has also extensive experience in root canal treatment which led him to complete a Masters in Endodontics from the prestigious Kings College in London. He can help patients in the decision making process if a tooth needs to be saved with root canal treatment or if it is better to extract the tooth and replace it with an implant.

Dennis is a very caring and compassionate clinician. He always strives to provide the highest quality of treatment based on well informed patient decisions. He believes every patient deserves exceptional standards and being able to combine root canal treatment for saveable teeth and implant treatment for non-saveable teeth is a very unique feature that very few dentists possess.

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