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Emergency Dentist Notting Hill

In the event of a dental emergency during normal surgery hours please telephone Notting Hill Dental Clinic on 0207 22 99 102.

It may not seem like it, but urgent dental situations are a routine occurrence in most dental practices.

At Notting Hill Dental Clinic, we see patients almost daily for unexpected dental problems. We understand the stress that dental pain, injury, and disease can bring into your day.

Working with gentleness and expertise, we quickly restore comfort and peace of mind. Once we have addressed this primary issue, we can discuss restorative treatments that will promote long-term oral health and a naturally beautiful smile.

Dental emergencies do not wait for normal business hours. You may be enjoying a lovely meal on a weekend off only to lose a dental crown or break a tooth.

This is when you need to speak with a skilled professional. If you experience a dental problem, contact our office at any time. If after hours, our service will make every effort to reach a staff member who can consult with you over the phone.

In some situations, it may be necessary to receive immediate care in a local hospital emergency room. When it is possible to manage tooth pain with over-the-counter medication, we may schedule a visit for the following day.

Contact Notting Hill Dental Clinic if you:

  • Have broken a tooth or teeth
  • Have sustained an injury to a tooth or had a tooth or teeth knocked loose or knocked out
  • Are experiencing persistent tooth pain or pain in the gums
  • Have an ulcer in the mouth

Care for dental emergencies is provided based on immediate need. Infection that is causing pain and inflammation may be resolved with antibiotic medication or with an in-office treatment.

A filling may be placed to repair a painful cavity, or a crown to protect a broken or cracked tooth. Whatever the nature of your dental emergency, we work with precision to improve your comfort as quickly as possible.

The ideal way to manage oral health is with routine care. When you see your dentist as recommended, your risk of experiencing an urgent dental situation is cut significantly. In our twenty-plus years of practice, we have found that routine preventive care has an immense impact on long-term oral health.

Call Notting Hill Dental Clinic for urgent dental care when needed. Our friendly, experienced dental team has solutions to restore comfort, function, and beauty.

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