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Discover the artistry of composite bonding for a radiant, natural-looking smile.

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment that can be used to quickly improve the appearance of your teeth. Hundreds of patients throughout Notting Hill, Chelsea, and Kensington have been treated by our cosmetic dentist Dr Dara Beiki who is an expert in the field.

Composite bonding is made up of a dental resin composite material that is colour-matched to your teeth so that it looks completely natural. The dental resin can be used to cover up cracked or chipped teeth, fill in unwanted gaps, and be used to disguise discoloured or badly stained teeth. If you have small or uneven teeth, composite bonding can be used to improve the shape and make your teeth look more even.

At your initial consultation in Notting Hill, your Dr Dara will discuss what it is that you want to change about your teeth. He will discuss the advantages of composite bonding with you and makes sure that this treatment is suitable for you and provide you with a cost estimation.

At your next appointment, a dental resin composite will be chosen to match the colour of your teeth. Your tooth will be roughened; this involves gently scratching the surface and applying a conditioning liquid which allows the resin to stick to your tooth. The dental bonding material is then moulded onto your tooth and shaped to give the desired effect. Once we are all happy with the result, a UV light will be applied which adheres the composite bonding resin to your tooth so that it cannot move.

Composite bonding is a painless and non invasive procedure that usually takes about an hour to complete (per tooth). If you are having more than one tooth treated, you may need longer appointment times.

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